Rivet Wars Scenario Editor
Posted on Thursday June 26, 2014
A new 5-scenario campaign is now available to download:The Battle for Telberg.
The five-scenarios follow the exploits of an Expeditionary Force, who are sent to capture the city of Telberg from an occupying defending force. The majority of the missions add new elements to enhance the Eastern Front core box.

Scenario 1: Radio Check
As an intelligence officer you have obtained vital information for the war effort, regarding the locations of enemy forces. Out of options, you must acquire control of an enemy Radio Mast to relay your intelligence back to HQ.

Scenario 2: While They Were Sleeping
The Enemy force has been taken totally by surprise. The Expeditionary Force must act quickly to destroy the encampment before moving onto the Caleau Bridge.

Scenario 3: The Bridge at Caleau
The Bridge at Caleau is of the utmost significance to campaign. It is likely the assault will last many days, but you have been given the opportunity to lead the attack. Seize control of the bridge now and allow the expeditionary force to proceed; the alternative is a long drawn out engagement.

Scenario 4: The Gates of Telberg
The defending army is now fully aware of the invading force and the Battle for Telberg is underway. The majority of the defending forces have been moved south of Telberg to head off the assault. While supporting force find alternative routes into the city you must attempt to secure what remains of the old city gate.

Scenario 5: Their Final Stand
The campaign is almost over; the final objective is to eliminate the remnants of the defending team. This must be done quickly however, to ensure the front-line east of Telberg can be occupied before defending reinforcements undo the whole campaign!

Campaign by: Thomas and Jennifer Hill