The Book of Carcassonne: Strategy, Tips and Tactics

Introducing The Book of Carcassonne: Strategy, Tips and Tactics by Steve Dee and Dan Chard.
Many of us are great friends with Dan Chard, and know his as the highly respectable and capable Carcassonne player.
He always attends the UK National Championships at the UKGE.
Most recently he has represented the United Kingdom in the World Team Championship on Board Game Area in 2020.
In addition, Dan Chard is a Global Administrator of Carcassonne Central, the largest global forum of Carcassone fans, with apporaching 5000 members.

In August last year Dan Chard received a message from someone to say that they was working on a book about Carcassonne.
They asked if Dan might be interested in collaborating with him on it.

A Carcassonne strategy guide was something that Dan had been thinking about for years.
It wasn't until Dan was given this opportunity to work with an established author that he decided it was finally time to do something about it.
Dan didn't have to think about his offer for very long, and responded to their message with a resounding "Yes!" the next day...

For almost a year Dan has worked with Steve Dee, an accomplished writer, board gamer and Carcassonne fan who lives in the South West of England, to produce The Book of Carcassonne.
For them both, it's been a very eventful year, they persevered regardless of everything that 2020 has thrown at them.
Dan is really excited not just by having his name on the front cover of a published book, but in terms of everything that they both managed to cram into its 200+ pages!

For anyone who may be interested, here's a quick breakdown of the main areas the book focuses on:

The authors' hopes are that they've included sufficient breadth and depth of detail as to ensure that the book appeals to new and long-standing Carcassonne fans alike.
And regardless of the specific areas that may be of interest, fans can read more about.
The Book of Carcassonne is now available through Amazon and at the time of publication costs £7.95, the authors both felt this would be within most people's budgets.

To find out more about the book, see:

Dan is truly grateful for all the encouragement and support that he received through the Carcassonne Central community with regards this project.
He is really looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of the finished product! To discuss the book at Carcassonne Central, see: Carcassonne Central.