Rivet Wars Scenario Editor
Posted on Sunday March 16, 2014
There are four new Rivet Wars Action Cards available Download them now as PDF. Or ZIP+PNG Format.

A word of warning - I've had trouble printing these because of articial borders being added by the printer. I think I finally cracked it - please let me know if you know of any good software for printing this kind of thing.
Portable Bullet Stopper: This card can be played during the movement phase. Essentially, it allows an infantry to build a bunker (out of sandbags) at the end of their movement phase. The card can only be played if the infantry is in a grid with only infantry present and only infantry may enter the grid for the duration of the game.
Can You Hear Birdsong?: This lets a player defend their Strategic Objective even after it's been captured. You've left a trap ready to be taken. Inspired by the Lochnagar Mine during the Somme. Put simply the British forces retreated having left explosives behind for the advancing German soldiers. This was the largest explosion the world had ever seen and not beaten until Hiroshima. I was lucky enough to see the crater 12-15years ago and it was still easily 40ft deep.
Fog of War: A thick fog covers the grid and they cannot be attacked until the following round.
Bogged Down: The grid is slick with mud and any units may shoot OR move this turn. Not both.
By: Tom Hill